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Hello and happy New Year! I hope you are excited about what 2020 is going to bring.

As you know, Suffolk Babies is a unique social enterprise. We provide a wide range of low-cost classes, from pregnancy to preschool, the profits from which we then use to fund free classes and groups.

Our classes are tried, tested, and well loved; it’s our favourite thing ever when people stay with us from their first pregnancy, through to when their last child starts school. We offer continuity and care that you just can’t get anywhere else.

What classes are on offer?

All our weekly classes run in 6 week terms. We have 9 different locations (though not every class runs in every location.)

These are the classes we charge a subsidised rate for:

Practical Preparation for Birth

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During these women-only classes you will explore essential elements of birthing, preparing both your mind and body for the journey ahead. Whether you are planning a home birth, a caesarean, or anything in between, these classes will support you in your path to a positive birthing experience.

The classes are a mixture of Active Birth techniques, breathing, relaxation, hypnosis for birth and movement. They really help relieve pregnancy aches and pains, and properly prepare you for birthing your baby.

The cost is £60 for your first term, and £54 for subsequent terms.

Understanding Your New Baby (Online course!)

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We know how hard it can be to get out to a course when you are heavily pregnant or with a very new baby. That’s why we have created this online course all about your new baby, so you can learn at home!

Just £19 for the course.

Baby and Toddler Classes

All of our five baby and toddler classes are based firmly around the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, so you can be reassured that everything we do in the class has an educational purpose behind it and is beneficial to your child’s development. We are so much more than just a baby music group. We split the classes by the age of your baby because we are always mindful of the need to provide the right amount of stimulation for your child at each stage. Our Munchkins classes for new babies are gentle and calming, whereas the toddler classes are really lively. The classes are baby- or child-led, so we expect your child to behave like a child! New babies sleep and feed through the classes, and toddlers and moving babies don’t sit still. We work with your child to support their development – at no point do we expect them to do something they are not capable of.

The baby and toddler classes cost £39 a term, and you only ever pay for 1 child, so even if you have twins, or siblings in different classes, you’ll only ever pay £39.

1 Munchkins Baby Massage

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This is a first step, progressive course for mums and babies from 4/6wks to 3-5months. Over our 6wk programme you will learn a full body massage for your baby, we will incorporate some gentle baby yoga routines, and finish with our lovely social baby time.

We really understand the needs of babies who are in the 4th Trimester (relevant for the first 20 weeks) and teach lots of calming and soothing techniques, we have activities that incorporate massage and yoga which help ease colic, reflux, constipation and aid restful sleep. We help integrate the primitive reflexes that your baby is born with and can retain for the first six months of life (like the Moro reflex which makes your baby feel like they are falling every time you lie them on their back).

2 Explorers Sensory Baby Yoga

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If you’re looking for a colourful, bright and lively baby class, which includes baby yoga movements for your baby, sensory stimulation and lots of songs, then we have the class for you! Explorers is suitable for babies from 4/5m up to crawling.

The soft stretch exercises that we do help to boost your baby’s lymphatic system which is crucial when it comes to immunity. We don’t forget the vestibular system either, we do lots and lots of bouncing and swinging to move that fluid around in the inner ear so that your baby’s balance and co-ordination is developed. We also work on their sense of rhythm and inhibitory control (stopping and going) which is the bases for language development and we do all this set to a program of games and songs over the course.

3 Moving Onwards

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This class offers the perfect next step to children who are ready to graduate from Explorers. This class is suitable for babies that are beginning to move, whether that be on their bottoms, rolling or crawling – they do not have to be fully mobile.

We use rhythm and beat to help develop language skills and lay the foundations for mathematical understanding. We use a range of songs and games to help develop concentration and inhibitory control. We use movement and stretches to help develop balance, co-ordination and boost the lymphatic system and their immunity.

4 Moving Upwards

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Upwards is a fast paced class for toddlers who are stable on their feet until about the age of 2½. The class is designed to allow your little one to MOVE as that is what they want to do!

As with all our classes Upwards is totally child lead, the class is repetitive as we are aiming for our toddlers to feel safe and secure within the environment so that they can focus their attention on learning the actions and movements that go with our songs. When a child leaves our Explorers or Onwards classes Mummy will still be helping them do all the yoga moves, when they leave Upwards they will be independently doing all the yoga poses so that they are ready for our Story Adventurers classes.

The class will deliver elements of toddler yoga, encouraging children to use movement, stretches and physical expression to take part in a wide variety of songs, some of which contain elements of story to develop themes and ideas.

5 Story Adventurers

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For children aged 2 and a half to 4 years. A fun and energetic class for pre-schoolers. A chance to discover a new story every week, exploring the world of that book using music and movement. Created with the Early Years Foundation Stage in mind, this class is ideal for the pre-school years.

Each week we explore a different story, which children see as great fun, but it’s also developing their understanding of the world. The children engage with each other in the session, developing their personal and social skills without even noticing.

Understanding Your Toddler Workshop

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A 3 hour workshop for parents, grandparents and carers to help you understand your toddler’s brain development and deal with common issues that arise, giving you a more harmonious relationship.

The workshop covers how the toddler’s brain works, why we struggle with their behaviour, and then you will create your own personalised plan of action to work on the particular issues you may be having. It’s not about a quick fix – everything we cover will take you well beyond the toddler years.

The workshop runs once a term at Suffolk Babies and costs £35 for one or both parents to attend. Granparents or other regular carers also very welcome.

Fitmumas Postnatal Fitness Classes

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This weekly class is for mums who are looking to get back into fitness, safely strengthen their pelvic floor and core muscles and have fun! It doesn’t matter how long ago you had your baby. Each class provides a full body workout, with a mixture of cardio work, strengthening and stretching exercises. Babies are welcome!

Fitmumas classes cost £45 for the 6 week term.

Free Classes

Our main free class, which is what we set up Suffolk Babies to provide, is the Essential Preparation for Birth Workshop.

Our 4 hour workshop is offered free of charge to all pregnant women and their birth partner in the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust area, and is the most time efficient way to prepare yourself and your birth partner for labour and the early days with your new baby.

This workshop complements Ipswich Hospital’s Hypnobirthing course and their Infant Feeding workshop. It also works alongside our Practical Preparation for Birth Course.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first or your fourth baby, everyone is welcome. We run these mostly at evenings or weekends in a range of locations, to make them as accessible as possible. They are completely free.

We also provide a free messy play toddler group on Wednesday afternoons in Kesgrave.

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1:30-3pm during term time. Each week there is a different theme, with (very) messy play upstairs and clean play downstairs.

Baby Group / Green Parenting Group

On Monday afternoons we have our baby group, for younger non-mobile babies. This is a group for new parents to come and chat, make friends and discuss anything you want to! A great reason to get out of the house!

On the first Monday of the month the group becomes our Green Parenting Group. This is a group for parents to chat about anything to do with being more environmentally friendly, as well as anything else you want to talk about!

2-4pm on Mondays during term time at Suffolk Babies

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