What’s in a song?

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All the little ducks

There’s a lot packed into this one minute video!

Firstly, you can see the progression across the classes as the babies grow into toddlers and pre-schoolers; how they go from being helped by their parents to do all the moves, to becoming more and more independent. Most of the toddlers and pre-schoolers you can see in the video have been coming to classes with us since they were tiny babies, and it’s a real privilege to watch them grow up into such lovely little people.

This song also has some great physical benefits for a child: going upside down helps with nasal drainage; vestibular development (that’s to do with balance and the inner ear); proprioception (which is knowing where your body is in space); self control and the ability to move their body; and language development through singing, repetition and rhyme.

There are also social benefits to singing as a group, working together, and it’s a great fun bonding experience for parent and child – you’ll have noticed all the mums and dads joining in too!

We can link all these benefits to the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, as even at these early stages of life, these useful skills a child is learning is helping to prepare them for school and life.

What a lot of learning in just one song!

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