online courses from Suffolk Babies: Understanding Your Newborn Baby and Essential Preparation for Birth

Understanding Your New Baby

We get lots of requests for more support around caring for a newborn baby, so we have put together this online course to help! If you want a resource you can refer back to time and again, this is the course for you!

Many people don’t really think about the newborn stage until after their baby is born – completely understandable when you are busy planning for labour and birth! But once the baby has made their arrival, it can be very difficult to get out to attend a workshop or course until around 6 weeks when you can join our Munchkins classes.

This online course is designed to bridge the gap between the Essential Preparation for Birth workshop and Munchkins classes. You (and your partner) can watch it in your own time at home, and of course if you have any questions do please feel free to contact us.

About the course

Understanding Your New Baby has been written by Katie Mackenzie, who has been teaching parents of newborns since 2011. All the tips and ideas within this course have been tried and tested, and we link to the latest advice around safety.

Are you looking for information on colic and crying, and how to soothe your baby? This course covers different calming and soothing techniques in depth, and looks at why babies cry so you can really understand their needs. We also cover normal and safe infant sleep, as well as how partners can help, even if they are not feeding the baby, and when you might need to call the doctor. There are useful links and a PDF handout also included.

The course is 40 minutes long, and costs just £19.

Click on the button below to enrol on the course. Once you have purchased it, it is yours to keep.

The Essential Preparation for Birth Course

Can't get to one of our free, 4-hour workshops around Suffolk? Want to learn about labour and birth?

This is the completely free online version of our workshop, condensed into an hour long series of videos that will help you understand the stages of labour, what is happening in your body, how to maximise the effectiveness of your contractions, and what the birth partner can do to help. We will also look at what happens once your baby is born, up to the point of taking them home from hospital.

We will be adding more videos on labour, birth and newborn babies over the coming months, including covering topics such as complex birth and caesarean sections.

This course covers:

  1. Your body and how it births
  2. The early stages of labour - how will I know I'm in labour? When do I call the hospital?
  3. What is the role of the birth partner?
  4. What happens during an Induction of Labour
  5. Understanding contractions and transition and the active stage of labour
  6. Giving birth to your baby
  7. What happens after your baby is born? Birthing the placenta
  8. Newborn checks and going home
  9. Support available from Read Easy

This video was funded by Let's Talk Reading, a local charity that works to improve the reading, communication and literacy of all people of Ipswich.

What you get from our online courses

By enrolling on our online course platform you will be able to receive both courses in one place for the grand total of just £19, giving you access to the culmination of years of training and experience in labour, birth and the fourth trimester from our team here at Suffolk Babies. We're not about flashy gimmicks and the latest buzzwords - we know that what you want is honest, high-quality education about these important topics.