Feel good about yourself and good about your toddler with this 3 hour workshop.

Are you struggling with your toddler’s behaviour? Worried about whether they are eating enough? Not sure whether it’s time to move them from a cot to a bed? Finding toddler groups a nightmare?

In this course we cover all aspects of toddler behaviour that parents find challenging, including sleep, eating, tantrums, sharing and more. We will look into the reasons behind this behaviour, and what you can reasonably expect at your child’s age. We will look at what works and what doesn’t work in terms of ‘managing’ their behaviour. The focus is on gentle, respectful methods that work with, rather than against, your child.

We will also look at how you want to parent your toddler, as it is often at this age that differences become noticable between how your own family think you should raise your child, or what you feel mainstream “experts” are telling you. This course is not prescriptive, and it will allow you the time and space to think about the long term, and whether a certain style of parenting is right for you. I firmly believe that every family is different and it is not for me to tell you what to do. There will be plenty of time for discussion with other parents going through the same things.

The aim of this course is to give you a deeper understanding of your child’s brain development, and some simple strategies that can help give you a more harmonious relationship for years to come.

Feedback from participants

“It was a very relaxed atmosphere, where we felt comfortable talking and sharing our experiences. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative session. Thank you.”

“What a fantastic workshop. It gave us an opportunity to refocus on things we maybe already knew but had lost sight of in the chaos of daily life and to learn lots of new tips and practical advice for moving forwards. It spoke exactly to the way we want to parent – could not have been better! Thank you!”

“Loved the course! [My baby] and I have used Suffolk Babies from around 2 months and as ever the course has given us a lot of advice and support.

Thank you for your advice and we have a lot of tools to face the tantrums with.”

About the course

The workshops usually run at weekends at the Suffolk Babies Centre in Kesgrave, but while Coronavirus restrictions are in force, the workshop will take place online, so you will need a device with internet connectivity.

It costs £35 for the three hour workshop.

To book a place, please find the event on our timetable. Pre-booking is essential as spaces are limited.

Who is the course suitable for?

Parents/carers of toddlers aged 1 to 4. If two parents are at home it is ideal if they can attend together so you both get the same information at the same time, and can work on a plan of action together. However, the workshop is equally suitable for single parents or for one parent to attend on their own.

About Katie


Katie Mackenzie is one of the Directors of Suffolk Babies. She has run parenting courses since 2011, including courses and workshops for parents of toddlers. She has two children of her own, and has been living and breathing toddlers and their unique challenges for some time!