This is Jo and Katie

This is Jo and Katie.

Jo and Katie want families in Suffolk to be continually supported throughout pregnancy and early parenthood.

Jo and Katie want to see:

  • More breastfeeding support
  • More sling libraries
  • More free baby and toddler classes and more free antenatal education

Jo and Katie want there to be an open door for all parents-to-be to walk through when they want information and access to people who can help them make informed choices for their family.

But Jo and Katie aren’t given any funding to do this.

So they work themselves into the ground to provide it all as cheaply as possible or for free.

Jo and Katie have to sell 880 places on classes every month to:

  • Open the Suffolk Babies centre
  • Provide 100 couples with free antenatal classes
  • Provide free breastfeeding support (alongside the BfN)
  • Provide free messy play
  • Provide free postnatal support for new parents

Jo and Katie love what they do but need your support.

If everyone bought a class from Jo and Katie they would be able to do a lot more and open a bigger centre with more facilities.

Katie and Jo support their local community.

Be like Katie and Jo!

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