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Ditch the Diet Seminar

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  • February Seminar
    1st February 2019
    18:30 - 20:30

Ditch the Diet – A one and a half hour seminar on life without diets, structure and discipline

With John Reynolds

It was recently reported in the national press that dietary fads are responsible for the increasing obesity epidemic. The diet industry has become a cut throat market place lining the pockets of those with a media presence as a result of human vulnerability. Foods have been labelled as “good” and “sinful”. Every manufacturer claims to have the answer to losing weight and feeling great without feeling deprived.

The truth is that we cannot live on “a diet” the word diet automatically leaves you feeling deprived and as though you are missing out on a world of decadent food choices.

Every month John Reynolds presents how you can “ditch” the world of diets and make some simple changes to help you better understand the food you are putting into your body. No food is out of bounds, you can eat whatever you like, this is more about mindful eating, thinking about how meals are created and how they fuel the body.

The seminar is priced at £20, all costs are kept to a minimum to make this session as accessible as possible to as many as possible.

John draws upon his years of experience and observation based on case studies of the hundreds of people he has worked.

All you need bring is a pen and a week’s food diary that you have completed in advance.

“Best decision I ever made attending this seminar.” L, Ipswich.

This workshop is no longer running on Friday, please contact John for any queries: