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Suffolk Babies needs your support

Suffolk Babies is a registered CIC (registration no. 10269715) based in Grange Business Centre, Kesgrave.

Over the last 3 years we have improved antenatal and postnatal education in Suffolk, and created a hub for local families with babies and young children to access services and support from a central point, as well as offering classes in satellite locations across Suffolk.

We believe being adequately prepared for birth and life with a new baby is key in producing positive birth outcomes, reducing postnatal depression and helping parents to bond with their babies. This has positive health and wellbeing outcomes for both the parents and the child for years to come.

We offer a free of charge, antenatal workshop to pregnant women and their birth partners. We fund these workshops entirely ourselves through enterprise. We do not receive any funding from the NHS.

From our centre in Kesgrave we also offer a range of free of charge support groups for local families to attend.

We are firm believers in the potential of Community Interest Companies and ethical business, and in this time of sustained budget cuts to funded services, our approach offers a sustainable and practical solution to the problem of how to offer people the support that they need.

With your support we can...

Help more families!

We need to move to a bigger centre, which will allow us to run more classes, courses and workshops for local families. Funding will allow us to provide more free support services for parents – which are vitally needed at a time when free support from Children’s Centres in Suffolk is being cut or downsized. It will also mean that more of the income we make from baby classes can be directly put into providing free antenatal education, with less being spent on the running costs of the centre. 

Your support will also allow us to make more of our courses available online, so we can reach people who are not able to access services at our centres or one of our satellite venues.

"Couldn't recommend these ladies highly enough. They offer the sort of services that I think would normally only be found in a big city."

How can you support us?

A year’s worth of support for one family is worth around £400, which includes one Essential Preparation for Birth Workshop, one term of Practical Preparation for Birth classes, 6 terms of baby classes (one year from birth of baby) and access to a year’s worth of free support groups at our centre in Kesgrave.


If you are interested in helping us with a one-off or a regular donation, please contact us on the form below.


We are also looking for volunteers! Are you free for a few hours during the week? We need help entertaining babies during our mum and baby fitness classes, help on the front desk welcoming new arrivals, making tea and coffee for tired mums, and general help with managing the centre. If you would be interested in volunteering with us please get in touch!


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Winner: New Business of the Year 2018

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Fantastic place and people, so helpful and friendly. I just wish I’d attended sooner. Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome x