Sickness Policy

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If my baby or I are sick, how do we know if we can come to classes or not?

We have a really flexible policy on attending classes when people are under the weather and it is set according to NHS guidelines and the same as all schools and nurseries.

Please don’t attend if you or your baby have experienced D&V in the last 48hrs – you do need to make sure that 48hrs have passed since the last episode of either sickness or diarrhoea.

Please don’t attend if you or your child have open weeping chicken pox or Scarlet Fever as these conditions can be dangerous for pregnant women – it’s fine to attend once chicken pox have scabbed over – please let us know if you or your child is diagnosed with either.

You CAN attend if your child has:

  • A cold
  • Hand Foot & Mouth
  • Conjunctivitis

As long as they do not have a temperature and are happy in themselves – if they are feeling horrible you are much better off having a cuddly day at home.

Illness is a normal part of infancy and your baby will probably have 150 minor viruses or infections such as coughs and colds before they start school so we don’t want you to feel you have to go into isolation every time they have a sniffle, but at the same time we try and make sure that we are not being negligent and putting others at risk of potentially serious infections.

We do have adults and babies attending some classes who have impaired immune systems for one reason or another so if you are in any doubt please just message us.

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