“I attended the birthing class when I was pregnant with my 2nd. I really enjoyed the class and it wasn’t too far for me to travel. I don’t know of anything similar around here other than hypnobirthing. I know the birthing course does use parts of hypnobirthing but I like that it’s also realistic and we’re allowed to openly discuss concerns and labour stories rather than being told not to listen to ‘negative’ things. I had an amazing 2nd labour using techniques from the birthing class!”

Claire R, Kesgrave

Over the last 6 years, over 2,000 women have attended Birthing classes with us, so you can be assured that we know our stuff!

During these classes you will explore essential elements of birthing, preparing both your mind and body for the journey ahead.  Whether you are planning a home birth, a caesarean, or anything in between, these classes will support you in your path to a positive birthing experience.

These classes provide a gentle introduction to relaxation based on hypnobirthing techniques, giving you plenty of time to practice the techniques and support each other in the group.

Techniques for Labour

These classes are fundamentally about supporting the positive hormones that surround birth. These positive hormones fuel your labour and also can give you the coping techniques to feel empowered by your birth.

The classes will explore how simple movement and positions based on yoga and pilates during birth can be incredibly beneficial. Research shows that being active during your birth reduces the stress onto your baby, reduces the need for pharmaceutical pain relief and overall gives a more positive perception of your baby’s birth. By putting together and practicing these movements for active birthing in harmony with breathing and relaxation techniques we can begin to prepare your body for the birth of your baby.

Relaxation for birth and beyond

We focus on the importance of relaxation during pregnancy and birth by exploring breathing techniques. These techniques are not only beneficial in birthing but also for invasive procedures such as blood taking and vaginal examination and beyond the birth into parenting.

The classes also allow you to stop and enjoy some time for just you and your baby during the relaxation time. It’s a time to be in the moment, just focusing on the now and your feelings towards your birthing day.

Wider themes and support

During the six week journey, there will be time to explore questions surrounding your birth with other women and mothers that can share their experiences and knowledge. Areas such as physiology of birth, pain relief, coping techniques and birth choices will be some of the themes covered during the classes.

Class details

This class is for pregnant women only. Please don’t bring your birth partner!

Classes usually run in 6 week terms (depending on bank holidays), in a variety of locations around the county. We normally ask that you start on week 1 of the term. The cost is £10 a class, payable in termly blocks. If this is not your first term, the cost is reduced.

This course is designed to complement our free Essential Preparation for Birth Workshop and Ipswich Hospital’s Hypnobirthing course.

If you have a baby in classes with us already, you are eligible for a discount. Please contact us for details.

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Additional Antenatal Courses

If you are going to have your baby with care from Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust (at home or in hospital), we run a free 4-hour antenatal workshop for you and your birth partner. This runs at evenings and weekends. Find all the details here:

We also have two online courses available: a condensed version of the Essential Preparation for Birth workshop, covering the stages of labour and what birth partners can do to help; and a course called Understanding Your New Baby, which gives you lots of information on caring for a new baby. Find out more and enrol here: