The Suffolk Babies Guide to What to Pack in your Labour Bag

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“Have you packed your bag yet?” is one of those questions you start getting asked once you reach the third trimester almost as often as “Have you chosen a name?” and “Are you sure you haven’t got twins in there?”.

So to save you stressing about what to pack we want to give you the definitive guide, from those who have been there! So we recently asked our followers on Facebook for their top tips on what to pack.

Here are our top ten, in no particular order:

1. Lip balm

2. Lots of very cheap big black knickers

3. Loose, lightweight comfy clothes (e.g. pyjamas, black jogging bottoms, oversized nightie) as the hospital ward is very hot. Perhaps a thin dressing gown.

4. Hair band / clips to keep your hair off your face

5. Snacks – sweet and savoury, including plenty of food for your birth partner. Even if you don’t eat while in labour, you will be hungry afterwards.

6. A cold flannel (freeze a wet flannel then put it in a ziplock bag), or cooling face spray, or a handheld fan. Keeping cool is a big deal!

7. Headphones and hypnobirthing CD (if using)

8. Water bottle / drinking straws

9. Dry shampoo

10. A phone or camera for taking photos


A special mention goes to the TENS machine, which got several comments. Some people found it really useful, others not so much.

Two people said their husbands managed to electrocute them with it!

Many people said not to pack too many clothes, and don’t bother with special clothes for labouring in. “Assuming you don’t go in to labour at a party you more often than not wear what you are in I think.” Either you wear what you are already wearing, or you strip off completely: “I just stripped off as couldn’t bear having stuff on my skin and I was so hot.”

A final word of wisdom on how to pack your baby’s clothes:

“I packed baby clothes in ziplock bags – vest, hat, babygrow. The bags were labelled by size as my eldest had missed the newborn size so we took in a mixture for baby number 2.”

If you would like to add your own contribution to this list, please leave a comment below!

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