Our objectives

Suffolk Babies is a registered community interest company (CIC), created in the summer of 2016 with two main aims:

  1. To improve antenatal, postnatal and early childhood education,
  2. To provide families with choices.

We saw that things needed changing, so we got out there and did it!

Over the last three years we have improved antenatal and postnatal education in Suffolk, and created a hub for local families with babies and young children to access services and support from a central point, as well as offering classes in satellite locations across Suffolk.

Our ground-breaking collaboration with Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust sees us providing antenatal workshops free of charge to all women and their birth partner who register with their midwife in this area. These high quality 4 hour long online courses prepare couples for labour, birth and the early days with their new baby.

We do not receive any funding whatsoever to run these workshops; we fund them entirely from our own enterprise activities, mainly through the profits we make from our paid for classes.  We can use enterprise as a force for good. It’s like donating to a charity, except you also get an excellent class in return, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Our mission is to create a fully self-sustaining model that will last forever, where those people who are able to pay for classes help fund free classes for those who cannot. The bigger we grow, the more free services we can provide.

Our ethos

We provide birthing courses, and baby classes, right through into toddlerhood. We are a one-stop-shop for up to date, respected and high quality education and support.

We firmly believe in building a community for parents, to help them through a time of massive change, which can be difficult or stressful without the right support.

All our educational courses are designed to ensure that families are aware of all the options available to them so that they can make well informed choices regarding their antenatal care, labour and birth or parenting choices.

We are also part of a wider professional network and will use our local knowledge and contacts within other specialist organisations and the public sector to ensure that every family being supported by Suffolk Babies is able to access the best services for their individual circumstances.

We value people. We believe that every person has a right to support without judgement. We support our clients whatever their parenting style or choices. We also firmly believe in supporting women in their return to work after having children and all our staff are mothers

We believe being adequately prepared for birth and life with a new baby is key in producing positive birth outcomes, reducing postnatal depression and helping parents to bond with their babies.

Our supporters:


Finalist: Babies and Children category

Winner: New Business of the Year 2018