Our baby is two!

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Ain’t no party like a Suffolk Babies party!

Actually there wasn’t a party.

We should have a party…

Anyway, as you have probably gathered from that impressive dancing cupcake, Suffolk Babies has now been in existence for two whole years. On 1 September 2016 we got the keys to the centre and wow, what a two years it has been!

One of the highlights of the last two years was in April 2017 when the NHS entrusted us with taking over the antenatal education for Ipswich Hospital. We have since delivered workshops to well over 1,000 couples, all for free, and all funded by our baby and toddler classes, so thank you for your help in making this possible!

Another highlight was winning the Suffolk Coastal New Business of the Year award in March 2018. That was a fun night out!

Of course there have been loads of little highlights over the last two years – most of which come from you! All your positive feedback, when you tell us how much you enjoy our classes, or how much your baby has learned, or how we helped you have a positive birth experience. That’s what we do this for.

Having a new business is rather a precarious and stressful thing, and everyone says to you if you can survive the first three years, then you’re doing great. It suddenly occurred to me this week that with this focus on the first three years there are enormous parallels between starting a business and having a baby.

Firstly there is the planning stage, which is like pregnancy. You don’t really know what you are in for, but you have all these hopes and dreams of what life is going to be like. You do loads of research and preparation in anticipation of the big day.

Then when the baby / business is in its newborn stage, there are the sleepless nights, the worries, but also the excitement and delight in your new creation. I also distinctly remember at each stage with my babies thinking “when we get to the next stage it’ll be so much easier.” And of course you get to the next stage, like starting solids, or walking, some things get easier, but then a whole load of new challenges crop up too! We are always looking ahead to the next stage with Suffolk Babies, which is what drives us forwards. But with a real baby it’s worth enjoying the moment, and not looking ahead too much.

Suffolk Babies has certainly not been an “easy” baby, but it has been a hugely rewarding one. We are all considerably tireder and wiser than we were this time two years ago, (and I’ve put on a bit of “baby weight”!) but just like when you have a baby, it so soon becomes such a part of your life that you can hardly remember life before it came along, and you certainly wouldn’t be without it now.

Like many people who come to our classes, over the last two years we have developed a strong network of friends who support us, and while there are still many challenges ahead, we have so many exciting plans that we are looking forward to sharing with you. In two short years, our organisation has grown and changed and yet we are still sticking doggedly to our mission of providing the very best education and support from pregnancy to preschool.

If you have a two year old at home, just take a moment to celebrate all the things they have achieved over the last two years and marvel at what a long way they have come from that tiny, helpless newborn. Isn’t it amazing?

Let’s see what toddlerhood brings!!

What a difference two years makes!

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