Online Classes from Birth - Preschool - Suffolk Babies
Online Classes from Birth - Preschool - Suffolk Babies

Online classes from birth to preschool

We are a not-for-profit company that provides free antenatal education to anyone, anywhere. When you book with us you are making a contribution towards our free support to other parents like you. Thank you!

Suffolk Babies online baby and toddler classes are designed to engage and encourage your child’s development in an educational, fun and friendly way.  Created specifically with your child’s age in mind, our sessions are and taught by a team of experienced, caring and passionate specialists.

All our online baby and toddler sessions run three days a week to give you and your children some structured options to fill your day, and provide you with the opportunity (albeit virtually) to still socialise with us and other parents like you.

Join in for as many or as few classes as you wish, for any number of children. You only need to book one membership if you have twins or more than one child.

And we offer so much more than a weekly class – when you join us you are joining a community, for support, friendship and aiding your child’s development.  During our interactive sessions we can all talk together and enjoy each other’s company, whilst helping both our children’s and our own mental and physical health and wellbeing.

We have private WhatsApp groups for you to chat to others with babies at the same stage as you, and daily workshops to help answer your questions and concerns around a range of topics such as baby sleep, weaning, toddler behaviour and more.

What’s more, we also give you loads of suggestions and resources to help you recreate elements of the classes with your child in your own time.  

What classes are on offer?

Munchkins Baby Massage

Birth – 4/5 months

Explorers Sensory Baby Yoga

4/5 months – crawling

Moving Onwards

Crawling and moving babies

Moving Upwards

Confident walkers up to 2.5yrs

Story Adventurers

Age 2.5yrs – 4yrs

Classes run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

10:00 Story Adventurers
10:30 Moving Upwards
11:00 Moving Onwards
11:30 Explorers Sensory Baby Yoga
12:15 Munchkins Baby Massage

Also included in the membership:

Daily workshops and support groups 2:00pm​

Every day we will provide informative workshops or a range of interactive support services to help you navigate common parenting challenges from breastfeeding to sleep regressions, pelvic floor issues to toddler tantrums.  Click here for our list of workshops or view the calendar to see planned sessions for this month.  

Class details

Story Adventurers

We know your preschool children love to move. Three and four year olds are built to explore, to bounce and to stretch. But they also love to question and are fascinated by the world around them. They love stories; hearing rhythm, rhyme and repetition.

With all that in mind we have created Story Adventurers. A chance to discover a new story every week, exploring the world of that book using music and movement. Created with the Early Years Foundation Stage in mind, your child will receive their own passport to the EYFS demonstrating how they are hitting the EYFS goals. It is the perfect next step for your ‘Suffolk Baby’ as they move towards school age.

This class is a natural progression from our Moving Upwards class, or as a standalone class.

Moving Upwards

For confident walkers

This class is open to children who are confident walkers to 2 and a half, as well as families with multiple children that need activities that can be used for a mixed age group.

Learning through movement and music

The class will deliver elements of toddler yoga, encouraging children to use movement, stretches and physical expression to take part in a wide variety of songs, some of which contain elements of story to develop themes and ideas. There are large sections of work which help with more complex physical movements like rolling, jumping and hopping to link with the EYFS goals. We also use a range of objects to encourage turn taking, the development of social awareness and to help children work as a group. We use musical instruments to develop children’s sense of rhythm and beat and inhibitory control.

Moving Onwards

The next step

This class offers the perfect next step to children who are ready to graduate from Explorers. When your baby becomes so busy they are no longer willing to lie on a mat and have their limbs moved for them, they are reaching the next stage of their physical development and now only want Mummy to act as “scaffolding”. This class is suitable for babies that are beginning to move, whether that be on  their bottoms, rolling or crawling – they do not have to be fully mobile.

Gaining confidence and skills

The class is totally child lead, this class is repetitive as we are aiming to help babies become independent toddlers. We use the repetition of songs and rhymes to help them gain confidence in their physical abilities and as well as develop wider social skills as they work within the group and develop their aural and wider sensory skills through the different activities on offer. We use rhythm and beat to help develop language skills and lay the foundations for mathematical understanding. We use a range of songs and games to help develop concentration and inhibitory control. We use movement and stretches to help develop balance, co-ordination and boost the lymphatic system and their immunity. We work as a group to encourage the development of social skills.

Your child is moving on!

More than anything this class is about engaging with a child who is at a stage of development which demands freedom and the ability to move, whenever and wherever they like. We use activities to lengthen the concentration span and while some children will begin to mimic actions and movements to songs in this class the main aim is to see a child hold their concentration for a period of time and choose to participate so that when they are ready to leave this class they have the ability to work on more complex songs and routines.

Explorers sensory baby yoga

If you’re looking for a colourful, bright and lively baby class, which includes baby yoga movements for your baby, sensory stimulation and lots of songs, then we have the class for you!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of baby yoga – come and join us in an environment where baby can see, socialise and interact with other little people, whilst enjoying a chance to stretch and move! It doesn’t matter if you haven’t previously attended our baby classes… all are welcome!

If your baby is aged between 4-5 months (approx. as this is very much about when they are ready) upwards, enthralled by their range of developing movements, you can feel assured that they will enjoy Explorers baby yoga inspired classes.

Munchkins baby massage

Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, and Baby Social Time, all in one class

This is a first step, progressive course for mums and babies from 4/6 weeks to 3-5 months. Over our 6 week programme you will learn a full body massage for your baby, we will incorporate some gentle baby yoga routines, and finish with our lovely social baby time.

The course is really relaxed and baby led, focusing on the 4th trimester, calming holds and soothing you and your new baby.

This class is geared towards the younger baby, we know that they won’t necessarily lay flat for the entire (or any) of the class…we therefore finish each session with our Baby Social Time, this involves songs and dancing in mum’s arms, so even if you don’t manage to massage your baby every week, you will still be able to join in!

Who is the class for?

We welcome babies from the age of four to six weeks upwards, although this is of course a guide. Older babies may be suited to our more sensory Explorers.