SB Upwards

For Confident walkers

This class is open to children who are confident walkers to 2 and a half, as well as families with multiple children that need activities that can be used for a mixed age group.

Learning through movement and music

The class will deliver elements of toddler yoga, encouraging children to use movement, stretches and physical expression to take part in a wide variety of songs, some of which contain elements of story to develop themes and ideas. There are large sections of work which help with more complex physical movements like rolling, jumping and hopping to link with the EYFS goals. We also use a range of objects to encourage turn taking, the development of social awareness and to help children work as a group. We use musical instruments to develop children’s sense of rhythm and beat and inhibitory control.


How much does it cost?

Sessions are £6.50 each, payable in 6 week terms, so it is £39 a term. If you have twins you only pay for one child, and if you have a baby in one class and a toddler in another, you still only have to pay for one child.

Where do the classes run?

Please see our Timetable to find and book onto your nearest class. We currently run classes four days a week in various locations in and around Ipswich and the surrounding areas.

Our Timetable


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