SB Onwards

The next step

This class offers the perfect next step to children who are ready to graduate from Explorers. When your baby becomes so busy they are no longer willing to lie on a mat and have their limbs moved for them, they are reaching the next stage of their physical development and now only want Mummy to act as “scaffolding”. This class is suitable for babies that are beginning to move, whether that be on  their bottoms, rolling or crawling – they do not have to be fully mobile.

Gaining confidence and skills

The class is totally child lead, this class is repetitive as we are aiming to help babies become independent toddlers. We use the repetition of songs and rhymes to help them gain confidence in their physical abilities and as well as develop wider social skills as they work within the group and develop their aural and wider sensory skills through the different activities on offer. We use rhythm and beat to help develop language skills and lay the foundations for mathematical understanding. We use a range of songs and games to help develop concentration and inhibitory control. We use movement and stretches to help develop balance, co-ordination and boost the lymphatic system and their immunity. We work as a group to encourage the development of social skills.

Your child is moving on!

More than anything this class is about engaging with a child who is at a stage of development which demands freedom and the ability to move, whenever and wherever they like. We use activities to lengthen the concentration span and while some children will begin to mimic actions and movements to songs in this class the main aim is to see a child hold their concentration for a period of time and choose to participate so that when they are ready to leave this class they have the ability to work on more complex songs and routines.

How much does it cost?

Sessions are £6.50 each, payable in 6 week terms, so it is £39 a term. If you have twins you only pay for one child, and if you have a baby in one class and a toddler in another, you still only have to pay for one child.

Where do the classes run?

Please see our Locations page to find and book onto your nearest class. We currently run classes four days a week in various locations in and around Ipswich and the surrounding areas.

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