Introducing the Suffolk Babies In-House Photography Service…


We are absolutely delighted to introduce this unique in-house portrait photography service at the Suffolk Babies Centre in Kesgrave, Suffolk.


As a people photographer I am passionate about photographing babies and recording their rapid early changes. Research has shown that documenting the start of their journey helps children to develop a stronger identity and sense of belonging. I like to help give children that little advantage. I believe equally passionately that photography should not be an unaffordable luxury and that it should be accessible to all families. The ethos of excellence shared with Suffolk Babies was the final factor factor in cementing this relationship and making this service possible.

So….. after many meetings with the Suffolk Babies and lots of idea swapping, financial juggling and strategic day dreaming we are ready to go as from the 7th November 2016.

How it will work…

The best way that we can make photography available and affordable to our families is to offer a wide range of short mini sessions at the studio at the Suffolk Babies centre in Kesgrave ( as well as pack in as much value in the final product as possible). I will have to work a little smarter but hopefully with enough turnover it will benefit everyone. This approach will also help your babies to feel comfy with their photographer and over time they will be natural and relaxed in front of the camera.

So again after much negotiation we are pleased to offer the following packages…

Package 1 – The Keepsake Package is for those special days during the year when we dress our babies up in goofy outfits…first pumpkin suit, Rudolph onesie etc…a very quick mini session will be available on the day that they are all dressing up and will take a few moments to document their outfits before the class starts. Prints will be stored in your own little Keepsake Box and over their first year you will have a collection of little mementos. We include Mothers and Fathers Day because its nice to see how they looked for that first important celebration. No need to book, just pop them into our photo set on the way into class. Quick and simple and fun. (We also provide the Keepsake Box)

These sessions are in the last week of term before Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

Package 2 – The Big Day Birthday mini session is so that we can get a beautiful pic of your baby/toddler during the month of their birthday. It is a ten minute single pose session just to capture their gorgeousness (is that even a word?). This will be available monthly from January 2017 and again no need to book.

Package 3 – The First formal portrait is offered to babies between 6 – 9 months but this does vary. Ideally baby should be comfortable to sit unsupported and make eye contact at the same time without wobbling over. These 15 minute mini sessions will be available quarterly so that nobody misses out and booking is recommended.

Package 4The Baby and Siblings Package is similar to what is done in schools but hopefully a little less pressurised. It needs to be booked and lasts for 30 minutes and will be available alternate months on a Saturday between 10 am and 4 pm.

Package 5 – The Family Portrait Package is a 60 minute portrait session dedicated to the baby/toddler and their immediate family. It needs to be booked and can be done either in the studio or on location in the surrounding area. These are available on demand.

Bump sessions, Bump to Baby Gift Packages, Birth Photography, Newborn Photoshoots and Cake Smash ‘n Splash (why do we do that one?)  sessions are also available – please email me for details.

Dates will be confirmed in the timetable and bookings can be made either by contacting me directly on or through the timetable on this website.