Guest Post: Bump Photography During Your Pregnancy

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Baring it all during your pregnancy shoot…


Pregnancy photo shoots are becoming increasingly popular especially since Beyonce’s pregnancy pictures graced our social media pages. Love them or hate them Bump photography is a chance to document your beautiful belly and it is often the first pic in your baby’s photo album. Because of the unique beauty of pregnancy, smartphone pics just don’t do it justice and it helps to engage a professional photographer to document your Goddess look. Ranging from colourful, swishing, specialised pregnancy dresses in forest locations to more traditional close-ups of a beautifully shaped bump in flattering studio lighting, styles and approaches vary widely and it’s all a matter of personal choice.


Created after about 32 weeks, these are often a very private set of pictures and you may want to consider what you will be doing with them when you select your style of photography. Obviously, because your skin is on show, stretch marks and piercing scars will be visible… these are very personal pictures and tell your story – some ladies want a bit of help from Photoshop and others like to share their story– another choice that is yours to make. Recently I have seen bellies painted with commercial paint and I would warn against covering skin with anything that could contain chemicals that may be absorbed through the skin. Brown henna is said to be safe for those who would like a henna ‘tree of life’ on their bump for the photo shoot but always check with your henna artist.


New trends include floor length Tulle maternity tutus and last week I saw a belly covered in ‘Gold Leaf’ which looked incredible but be careful of standing or lying still in one position for too long if you are going the glamour fashion shoot route. Swoosh is sexy and those billowing maternity photo shoot dresses are available online for as little as £15 in every possible colour. Siblings are also quite fun to include but make sure you have someone to watch them while you are creating your solo shots.


Finally there are the increasingly popular ‘Milk Baths’ following on in the tradition of Cleopatra. They are almost a form of pregnancy boudoir photography where the private areas are discretely hidden by the ‘milky’ water. The milky effect is created with milk powder or creamer and this can produce some very pretty images especially when flowers are floating on the water. Health and safety definitely need to be considered for this one though…one slip and your photographer could end up in the tub with you! If you would like to celebrate your bump you can expect a £75 investment for about an hour of fun and laughter – please call me on 07738 517756 to arrange your consultation and booking.



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