Are you looking to return to exercise after having a baby? Looking for a class you can bring your baby to?   Come and join us at Fitmumas!  

An hour dedicated to mummies who want to get back into shape and have fun with it. Mel uses a combination of cardio interval training, core abdominal work and all over body conditioning exercises, working at your pace to get you feeling fitter and full of vitality. Each week there is a relaxing section on the mat at the end to stretch out and reconnect with your body.  

Each exercise has options, so don’t worry if you haven’t done anything for a long time. This class is suitable for everyone, but do please contact us if you have any concerns or queries.

The course is also designed to educate you about your postnatal body, reconnecting you with your pelvic floor and understanding exactly how it all works. You may have heard of diastasis recti – Fitmumas will help you understand it and what you need to do.

Since 2012 Mel, a Level 3 Personal Trainer and certified Fitness Instructor, has been teaching a variety of classes including circuits, HIIT, FitSteps, Body Combat, Spinning and watt bike training.  She started to specialise in Post Natal fitness in 2013, becoming Suffolk’s first licensed Buggyfit instructor and developing her own post natal offering MumaMojo. 
Mel has trained with Burrell Education the most highly respected Pelvic Floor & Post Natal rehabilitation specialist in the country, to develop her own postnatal core strength and functional exercise, and restore/movement-based pelvic floor strength programmes.
A Suffolk girl born and bred, Mel has been living in Australia for the past four years (trying out all the new Australian fitness crazes) but has now recently moved back home, and we are so pleased to have her back (many of our Suffolk Babies clients use to train with her back in 2014). 


£7.50 per class booked in six-week terms.

When do classes run?

Classes run at 9:30 and 10:30 on Wednesday mornings. The new term starts on 4th September.

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For more information on postnatal recovery and common issues, see Mel’s blog post here.

Your post natal body workshop – what to expect after having a baby

With Mel Lewis

Have you recently had a baby and noticed things aren’t quite what they were? Are you suffering from particular issues you never had before, like not being able to connect with your tummy muscles, pelvic floor dysfunction or lower back pain?

Maybe you are a soon-to-be mum who is nervous about what her body will be like once you’ve had the baby?

Or an old time mum who has ‘lived with’ a number of aches and pains that just aren’t quite right since having your children?

Either way this workshop is for you – three hours dedicated to discussing some of the key changes your body will go through and how best to tackle them.

The course will cover:

• The changes to your body during and after pregnancy, and what to be mindful of in the first three months after birth
• Diastasis recti – the mummy tummy gap and the truth behind what you should and shouldn’t worry about
• The relationship between your core and pelvic floor, and why understanding your anatomical connections will enhance your post natal body’s strength in the long term
• Pelvic floor dysfunction – what is it, why do I have it and what can I do about it
• Prolapse – what could a post natal prolapse look like and how do I deal with it
• Post natal recovery and the impact of your hormones
• Nutrition to nurture your body and build strength

In addition all participants (where relevant and of course if you want to) will be individually checked for diastasis/pelvic floor dysfunction and given an insight into your current state of postnatal recovery.

The workshop will also include a 30-minute gentle exercise session aimed to support you in reconnecting with your abdominal wall, correcting ‘mummy posture’ and developing pelvic floor strength and stability.

The three hour workshop costs £35. Babies in arms are welcome, but please no mobile babies or older children.

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