Baby Yoga

If you’re looking for a colourful, bright and lively baby class, which includes baby yoga movements for your baby, sensory stimulation and lots of songs, then we have the class for you!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of baby yoga – come and join us in an environment where baby can see, socialise and interact with other little people, whilst enjoying a chance to stretch and move! It doesn’t matter if you haven’t previously attended our baby classes… all are welcome!

If your baby is aged between 4-5 months (approx. as this is very much about when they are ready) upwards, enthralled by their range of developing movements, you can feel assured that they will enjoy Explorers baby yoga inspired classes.

Who is the class suitable for?

Explorers is suitable for babies from around four or five months up to crawling, older babies. (7/8 months to walking may be better suited to Moving Onwards)

Class details

Classes usually run in 6 week terms (depending on bank holidays), in a variety of locations around the county. We normally ask that you start on week 1 of the term. The cost is £6.50 a class, payable in termly blocks. To book your place, please see our Locations page.

Terms and Conditions for Suffolk Babies Courses