Join us on our mission to revolutionise support for new parents!

We believe being adequately prepared for birth and life with a new baby is key in producing positive birth outcomes, reducing postnatal depression and helping parents to bond with their babies.

Over the last 3 years we have improved antenatal and postnatal education in Suffolk, and created a hub for local families with babies and young children to access services and support from a central point, as well as offering classes in satellite locations across Suffolk.

We saw that things needed changing, so we got out there and did it! But we need your help to do more…

With your help we can support more families!

Every single donation we receive will allow us to provide more free support (to run more classes, courses and workshops) for parents – which are vitally needed at a time when free support from Children’s Centres in Suffolk is being cut or downsized. 

The more income we receive, the more local families we can help through providing free or subsidised services. 

Support us

How your money can help us?

  • £150 covers the cost of an Essential Preparation for Birth class for 10 couples
  • £500 covers the cost of a total package of support spanning the length of a woman’s maternity leave.
  • £1,500 pays for the printing of a year’s worth of newborn support packs (3,000) which we are giving to all new parents on their discharge from the care of their Midwife.
  • £4,620 covers the cost of a parental support group for a whole year, providing free support for up to 150 parents over the course of a year.

Our supporters: