Postnatal Support with Jo Cresdee

Jo can help you with one-to-one support on sleep, baby care and advice. If you need impartial advice, a sympathetic ear, or the benefit of Jo’s many years of experience, please get in touch. Available from the end of February 2018. Email for more information.

Tiered prices depending on the level of support you need, starting from £100.

Life Coaching and Emotional Coaching from Katie Mackenzie

Do you feel like something is holding you back? Like you never quite achieve what you want to? Perhaps you are finding that negative emotions like anger, frustration, or anxiety are getting the better of you.

You CAN feel better, in any aspect of your life, whether in your career, as a parent, or within yourself.

Through coaching we can work together to discover what is causing your difficulties. We can get rid of those negative emotions, fill you with new, positive feelings, and create a plan for the future that will lead you towards your goals.

Coaching costs £45 a session.

Katie can also talk to your organisation or group about themes such as resilience, positive attitude and self-awareness.

For more information email or visit

Many thanks for providing us with such a thought-provoking insight into the topic of emotional resilience! To engage 160 staff with a wide range of knowledge on the subject, is no mean feat. By combining theory with practical advice, and plenty of your own personal and amusing experiences, you achieved this with ease. The staff feedback after the event was unanimously ‘excellent’. The tea break discussions about lawnmowers, marshmallows and “what have you done today?” are ongoing.”

Allan Myatt

Chief Executive, Ormiston Children & Families Trust