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Homebirth 1

On my son’s third birthday I woke up at 4am having mild contractions every 10 minutes. The baby was 10 days overdue and I was booked in for an induction a couple of days later. My plans for a home water birth were looking unlikely to come to fruition unless the baby got a move on. The contractions were like serious period pain but only lasted a few seconds…. Read more


Two Waterbirth Stories

I started active birth classes when I was 30 weeks pregnant with my first baby. As a midwife I wanted something that was for me as a mum to be that would help me focus on positive birth. I really found it helpful and very empowering. My waters went at lunchtime a couple of days before my due date. Nothing much was happening so I took my other half some lunch to his work, then we went for a long walk. Still nothing much was happening so I went to hospital and I had a sweep and went home to await events! … Read more


Induction 1

My eldest child had been 10 days overdue so I had decided I wasn’t overdue until I got to 40+10. The medical professionals thought otherwise and had booked me in for an induction at 40+12.
40 +10 came and went, still no sign of baby! We decided that we would go for induction, I was tired, my body was achy and I had a three year old who kept asking for her baby…. Read more


Two Waterbirths, one with an Induction

My first pregnancy was in a word blissful (2nd not so much), I loved being pregnant. I had every intention of staying pregnant long after my due date, I hadn’t even packed a hospital bag. But my baby had other ideas and at 5 am at 39 weeks pop went my waters. The excitement that rushed through me is one I will never forget, the anticipation becoming oh so real. I’m actually going to meet our baby. Did that inspire me to start packing my bag? No! Totally forgot! And I’m a midwife you would think I would know better…. Read more


Induction due to High Blood Pressure

I had not quite developed pre eclampsia but was on the verge of it. My blood pressure had been up the last 2 weeks and I off and on had slight protein in my urine. I visited the hospitals antenatal clinic a couple of times towards the end as I had reduced movements and after a routine midwife appointment at 38+4 I went back to the clinic that afternoon for CTG monitoring and blood tests. Due to persistent high blood pressure and in adequate traces on the machine I was advised to be induced…. Read more