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Online Antenatal Classes

At Suffolk Babies we are real specialists in preparing for birth. Thousands of women have been to antenatal classes with us and had positive birth experiences.

We run two different courses to help you prepare both your body and your mind for your baby’s birth:

Free online antenatal classes for pregnant women and birth partners

Suffolk Babies’ unique groundbreaking model provides high quality, free, antenatal education. Our free online antenatal classes are entirely funded by Suffolk Babies through the profits we make from our paid-for baby and toddler classes.

We do not receive any funding from the NHS to run these.

We do this because we are creating a sustainable future for antenatal and postnatal education creating a self-sustaining model, where everyone is able to access high quality, free antenatal and postnatal education, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances.

These 4 hour workshops really are your essential preparation for birth, for you and your partner.

Looking for the course that gives you everything?

Book your place on our 8 week all encompassing antenatal course designed to prepare you mentally, physically & emotionally for labour, birth & motherhood:

Preparation for Birth

Labour and birth are an intense physical experience, much like an endurance event or marathon. It is the only endurance event that we do not actively “train” for. It is true that our bodies have the inherent ability to birth, much like they do to run, but we would never consider standing on the start line of marathon having only watched a documentary or Power Point presentation or having practised a few breathing techniques. Why then do we prepare this way when we approach labour?

The Suffolk Babies Preparation for Birth course is an all-encompassing birth preparation programme. It incorporates Hypnotherapy for Birth, Active Birth theory, breathing techniques, deep relaxation, physical movement & all the theoretical biological and physiological information you need to harness the natural tools possessed by the body to birth in the most empowered way possible. As well as focussing on the body’s physical ability to birth the course also considers a range of more medically managed labour and birth options to ensure that whatever path your labour takes you feel able to remain an active participant in your birth and make informed choices.

The course is 8 weeks long, with each session lasting 1 hour and twenty minutes. Those joining are required to commit to two months of Suffolk Babies membership and book both Part 1 & Part 2 of the course at the same time (payment can be staggered). The course is designed for women to attend independently (much like an antenatal yoga class) and sits alongside our free online antenatal program which is designed for women and their birth partners to attend together. As well as the live interactive online classes the class members have continuous access to pre-recorded videos of each class online, so all material is available to watch later. Class members are also provided with one to one support and mentoring as would be supplied by an antenatal Doula ensuring all class members have unrivalled emotional support and access to expert, evidence-based advice. Class members are also invited to join the group WhatsApp and social media groups to support the development of a peer to peer support network outside live sessions.

Jo Cresdee, one of the founders of Suffolk Babies, has been teaching antenatal classes for over 10 years. In this time over 3,000 women and their birth partners have attended classes with her. Jo is a registered Doula (trained birth supporter) trained by Michel Odent in 2013. Jo is also a hypnobirthing teacher & personal trainer and has continually expanded her knowledge and training in the antenatal field over the last decade.

When does the course run?

A new 8 week course starts every month, with the first 4 weeks (part 1) at 6pm and the second 4 weeks (part 2) at 7:30pm.

It runs on Thursday evenings.

It runs online and access to Zoom will be given in your booking confirmation email.

How much does it cost?

The 8 week course costs £120. You can pay in two installments of £60 if you wish.

Through booking onto this course we will also give you free access to all our online baby and toddler classes (worth £65 over the length of the course.) So if you already have a baby or toddler they can enjoy a range of fun classes from home! For more information on our classes, see here.

Is it right for me?

This is a women-only course and is suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy onwards.

Whatever your birth plan and expectations around your baby’s birth, whether vaginal or cesarean section, you will benefit from the knowledge and relaxation techniques taught in this course.

It is designed to complement our free online antenatal classes and if you do both, you will have a complete package of antenatal education for both you and your birth partner.

"I attended the birthing class when I was pregnant with my second baby. I really enjoyed the class and it wasn't too far for me to travel I don't know of anything similar around here other than hypnobirthing. I know the birthing course does use parts of hypnobirthing byt I like that it's also realistic and we're allowed to openly discuss concerns and labour stories rather than being told not to listen to 'negative' things. I had an amazing second labour using techniques from the birthing class!"
"I fist found out about Suffolk Babies through my midwife when expecting our first baby. My husband and I went along to their free antenatal course, which for me personally I found so helpful and calming as the unknown approached. Then after our little girl was born we attended baby classes which were brilliant. So much so we've signed up for another 6 weeks. I think the instructors are great and the support they give to mums and expecting mums is amazing."

What do I need to access the classes?

All sessions conducted through interactive meeting software Zoom. This is an online application. When you have booked, your confirmation email will include a link to the page where you can access the classes.

Accessing sessions through PC or Laptop: If using a computer follow the meeting links to access the session automatically.

Accessing sessions through Phone or tablet: If accessing through a phone or tablet you will need to download the Zoom App from the App Store and then use the links which should then access the sessions automatically. Search for Zoom Cloud meetings.