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Sickness Policy

If my baby or I are sick, how do we know if we can come to classes or not? We have a really flexible policy on attending classes when people are under the... READ MORE

Where does your baby sleep?

Human Instincts Throughout human history, babies have slept in close proximity to their mother or family members. After all, mothers put a huge amount of time and investment into growing a baby, and... READ MORE

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28th of March 2020 08:29 AM Link
How Suffolk Babies is increasing its support for the NHS and how you can be part of this by joining our classes in April - https://mailchi.mp/641536b6e320/how-we-are-all-supporting-the-nhs-and-exciting-news-about-april
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26th of March 2020 07:57 PM Link
Whether you like the sound of the foods in this article or not, I love the idea of recipes being handed down the generations and lovingly prepared by grandmothers for their daughters to nourish them in the first few weeks after having a baby.
24th of March 2020 07:51 PM Link
Toddler Sleep: Toddlers sleep less than you might think they should, wake more, and go to sleep later: 7pm-7am sleep is NOT the norm.