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Our baby is two!

Ain’t no party like a Suffolk Babies party! Actually there wasn’t a party. We should have a party… Anyway, as you have probably gathered from that impressive dancing cupcake, Suffolk Babies has now... READ MORE

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22nd of September 2018 07:59 PM Link
Such a good point Kate Winslet makes here. When do we ever praise our bodies in front of our children? What we say about ourselves will become what they say about themselves.
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21st of September 2018 08:31 PM Link
#funfactfriday... You can actually see your baby's brain learning new things and making new connections! When they turn away and their eyes glaze over, they're not bored, it's their brain working to absorb new information. There's a great video here on the development of the brain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qZ1x2VeSkc
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21st of September 2018 08:13 PM Link
#funfactfriday... babies and toddlers are small and vulnerable, so it's not surprising they want to sleep cuddled up to their parents, where it's safe and warm. For more info on caring for your baby at night, including safety guidelines for bedsharing, see the UNICEF guide: https://buff.ly/2MFFYqP
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