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19th of November 2017 06:59 PM Link
Are you having a baby, or have you had your baby, using Ipswich Hospital Trust Maternity Services? Read here for information on your chance to have your say about Maternity Services in Suffolk -
19th of November 2017 12:59 PM Link
Have you recently had a baby and you aren't sure whether their sleeping and feeding patterns are supposed to be like this? Are they crying a lot and you need some ideas of what to do? Maybe well-meaning people are giving you "advice" that doesn't fit with your instincts and you would like to check you are on the right track.

Our very first, brand new, workshop for parents of Newborns is on Saturday 9th December. Click on the link for full details. It costs just £10.

It will be run by Emily who is a very experienced Midwife. You may know her already from Essential Preparation for Birth workshops or Active Birth classes.