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Healing Emotional Wounds

The human body has an immense and amazing capacity to heal. When you think about the horrendous experiences some people go through, it’s amazing how they can move on with grace and courage.... READ MORE

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11th of December 2018 11:58 AM Link
It's the last week of term, but never fear, you can see us again next week at the Christmas Parties! 🥳

Online booking is essential so we can ensure your baby gets a present. 🎁

If you book on a class this also gives you the chance to have your baby photographed by Ruth, for a wonderful festive keepsake. 📸

PLUS come and see what we're dressed up as this time! 😂

Book online through the timetable:
Monday: https://suffolkbabies.co.uk/events/monday-christmas-parties/ Tuesday: https://suffolkbabies.co.uk/events/tuesday-christmas-parties/ Thursday: https://suffolkbabies.co.uk/events/thursday-christmas-parties/ Friday: https://suffolkbabies.co.uk/events/friday-christmas-parties/
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10th of December 2018 08:09 PM Link
Before long Christmas will be over and we will be into a new year with all the resolutions and good intentions to lose weight, be slimmer, etc. If you have had a baby recently, please READ THIS ARTICLE before you start that diet!

"So what is happening to Mummy’s body while it is providing this womb outside a uterus to calm and soothe a new-born? Loads of things: our metabolism changes and we lay down more in terms of fat reserves – logical, as if there was a famine we would want the breast feeding mums or the mums of young children to survive. You are most likely sleeping in short spells rather than 8 hours overnight – this also affects the way that your body burns calories and you will crave sugar or carbohydrate rich foods. Your body is slowly recovering from 9 months of pregnancy where you actually made a new human being, the human being that you are now nurturing 24 hours a day 7 days a week without a moment to yourself. Quite frankly it’s a miracle that Mums in the first 14 weeks leave the house fully dressed (I am five years post-natal – I did the school run with my shirt inside out last week.) I would argue that it is totally imperative that at this point of your post-natal journey you are not thinking about restricting your calorie intake or embarking on an intense exercise routine – a lot of people view the six week check as point that marks recovery from birth but in fact it is only the beginning – a watershed that allows you to start investigating the right options for you."
Read the full article here:
10th of December 2018 01:52 PM Link
Hi everyone, just to let you know that this Wednesday (12th Dec) is the final Latch Patch before Christmas! Emma will be back on 9th January. :-)

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